Wednesday, August 31, 2005

And so it begins...

...what you ask? Uh, I don't know but atleast I got your attention! Wow, so for like 4 months I couldnt' remeber what my blog spot was called, or my passport or username so I forgot about it and didnt' write in it! BUT I have rediscovered it YAY!
At the present moment I am feeling random and a tad hyper. I'm going camping this weekend with some friends, and I am so stoked to be heading to my favorite lake! Maybe that's why i'm excited, or maybe it's just cuz I've been thinking a lot about my past year and reflecting on it, England for 6 months then Africa for a month and then another month spent between the states and England. It's not merely the places I've been though, but the people I've encountered. The strangers that became friends that became more like my family, the lost that I was able to share Christ with, and the encounters with the creator that could never be faked.

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