Sunday, September 11, 2005

The random monkeys fly at noon!

So, I just posted a post that I wrote like Aug. 31 but never posted...get it. And now I wish to write another. I shall do it in point form....* holla to Tiff for saying I should update*

Things that have made me smile in the last couple of weeks:

  • Watching my bro get married
  • getting my glasses flattened in a TFK mash pit
  • watching a dude full out land on the ground in a TFK mash pit...really it was funny, he bounced right back up, it was like straight from a movie!
  • talking to people I've dearly missed on messenger
  • reminiscing about my times in Africa and England
  • little kids running around during our outdoor church service
  • finding out I'm going to be an aunty again (Kev and Erika's 6th niece or nephew!)
  • reuniting with people at CBC
  • running into BRENT POTTER at CBC
  • having a huge girl talk while camping
  • knocking something off my always wanted to do involved water and a lack of swim wear *don't think less of me you know you've always wanted to do it....and no worries it was definatly NOT in mixed company, c'mon now! haha*
  • getting hyper at random times
  • being stretched in my faith by talking to JW's and working through some stuff this brought up with a dear friend
  • knowing that God is the only constant and firm foundation.
  • goofing off with friends
  • making my own bean burrito, with far too much refried beans
  • lookin' like a pop star BAH HA... there has been soo much I can't remeber half of it for real...smiling and laughing is awesome, not everything brings a smile to my face though but that's ok, life isnt' always good but God is.

I feel as though i'm in a calm before the storm, waiting for stuff to begin and take me off in a whirlwind of activities, appointments, classes, meetings, schedules! I honestly can't wait for it to get here though. Im ready. Bring on the classes *i'm only taking two this semester* bring on volleyball *i'm joined the church league hahaha*, sunday school, alpha, work, youth...i'm ready! I'm stoked! woo woo ....hahahaha alright alright i'm going i'm going...


B├ęthany said...

yes you should post more. tiffany was right.

find me here:

or also, here: ecuador.

so, you are going to CBC??? I like the radio station a lot, dont know about the bible school :)

Janice said...

hey hot stuff. i have one of these too! and plus i live in vancouver now. well, burnaby. which is right next to vancouver. we should hang out or something. i miss your laugh!

Schrecky said...

I found you!

Miss Courtnay said...

Megan this is courtnay smith.
I am so happy right now just reading this a feeling like I am in some very small way apart of your life... or at least watching it well that's creepy. anyways I just wanted to say hello and how the heck are ya? if you want to email me you should do so. I would email you but I have no email address. SAD DAY ! We do not live very far away and I think you should be my friend. k
ta ta for now