Tuesday, January 03, 2006

"acting normal is abnormal today"

QUICK who wrote these lyrics?!

IF you said Jesse Maranger then you are right! I slapped in the capernwray unplugged today while driving to work at 6:30 in the morning... I have to admit I pretty much had Jesse's stuff on repeat...it hit a cord today.

I've also been listening to the minor prophet series off and on in dee car. I can just picture the scenario of early morning lectures and the charisma of Rob that overflowethed........

I've been reading LOTS and have finished the Bad Beginning *book the first of the series of unfortunate events*, three quarters into "the five people you meet in heaven"by mitch Albom and have begun "this present darkness" by frank peretti and "the watchman" by ian rankin. I'm trying to read as much as possible for plessure right now because I KNOW that within the week I will not have any free time to warrant on reading novels of my choice.

New years was actually GOOD! Not that the past ones haven't been but there is soo much hype to new years and it rarely meets that hype...like birthdays you know?! *although last years b-day was great, thanks gals ;) *...plus I knew that there were a bunch of capers just south of the border and I wasnt' with them, but it turned out very well, just hung out at ben's and played games and jumped up and down at 12.....but really...reallllllyyyy...would I have not done that on any given saturday night...hahaha

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