Sunday, February 12, 2006

the moment.

two shows i try not to miss. if i do no biggy. but i don't like to. ok three. that's all i have time to watch and allow myself to stop the insanity and watch.
1. survivor *it just started two weeks ago. yes i am one of those people, but i wasn't always*
2. boston legal. if alan shore was young and cute i'd date him...oh yeah and if he was a real person
3. grey's anatomy. it's on right now. intense. why am i on here you ask then. well i seriously can't sit and watch. when the show is on ok maybe. but as soon as there is a commercial i have to do soemthing. i have lost the ability to sit and relax. i'm always anxious, i have too much to do. yet i dont do them. i sit here instead. but i can't sit.

well it's on again and it's a climax. gotta go. ahh commercial. ok this episode is acontinuation of last weel and oh boy it's a gooder.

my friend janelle came home from a 5 month wyam dts school and we picked her up last it made me miss being out in the world. i miss you all. i really do.


Janice said...

"the head surgeon doesn't scare me. dr. bailey scares me. now get out of my OR."

"be careful, she will hurt him!"

"o'malley, would you stop looking at my vajayjay?"

there were more. i can't remember them. i want a george for my very own, don't you?

amy said...

i watched crossing jordan lastnight. what i gathered was... woody's dad was killed by this creep that woody's been hunting the past 2 months (he hasnt called jordan in 2 months and.... she still has feelings for him, and i think he's still got feelings for her). anyway, evidence comes up which woody lies about to jordan, then goes and finds the guy who killed his dad and is about to take his revenge... when jordan shows up with a team of coppers. woody is very angry; jordan's all "you lied to me and betrayed me!" and then the show ends... woody leaving and saying he doesnt want her help (after she says he needs help).
i love this show.