Monday, October 22, 2007

haha the rant below was not brought on by this lovely couple. i could not be more happy for a couple. they are amazing adn i love them both muchly! AND their wedding was out of control awesome!
ok. is it just me or is everyone and their dog hookin' up!!

seriously, bible college is disasterous for copious amounts of relationships beginning...i've been around long enough to know this. BUT it seems that in my final years the number or relationships, engagements and marriages is rising at an alarming rate!!.

and I feel it is time for me to pose the freakin' question....

where the flip is my bling bling?!?! hmm?? hahaha... *sigh*

.tonight some dude said i was intriguing.

.i should be studying for an exam i have tomorrow.

.i should also be devoting some time to the Lord.

.my mom bought me really cute knit slippers with wooden buttons then hid it in my laundry so i found it when i got home.

.work is almost harder the less you do it.

.i'm stiff from dancing so much at my friends wedding.

.Ryan and Robyns wedding was amazing and everyone had a rad time.

.Amy went home today.

.i bought a douglas coupland book for $3 bucks at VVboutique.

.i'm a book snob and dont like used ones...however this one was in perfect condition.

.k i'm done.

.random. random is my favorite.


Allison said...

you don't like used ones??!!

Megs said...

clarification...I love classic used the kind you find in the cute used book store in carnforth. but i loath mass market used ones *i dont like them in general really* and i dont like modern used ones...just hte classics. i told you i'm a snob tee hee!

Polythene Pam said...

I like Douglas Copland. But I also generally prefer used books. New books are too big of a commitment I think.

QueenBee said...

Megan - I want to know where my bling bling is too! Did you know that I am the only single kid left in my family and I am the oldest dammit! have they never heard of age before beauty - haha!