Saturday, September 08, 2007

whenever i decide to write on here i'm either tired, or reflective or super hyper. can you guess which one it is?

i'm really excited about this upcoming semester. it's my second to last one at good ol' CBC. One of the main reason for the excitment is that I know what i'm going to graduate with, i had been struggling with what to graduate with and finalized with a BA in youth work. Throughout the summer God really solidified that youth work is something that I'm passionate about and desire to be a part of more than on a volunteer basis. it was a hard summer but I dont know if i would have learned what i had if it had turned out as I wanted it to. The Lord is so good like that.
i'm also looking forward to being more involved on campus and with the school community, seeing as it is my last year i really want to pour into it.

besides school...i'm back at work. woo. yeah.

I won't be helping out wiht youth on tuesdays because i have a class but hopefully will be more involved in other ways. thats a we'll ahve to wait and see type deal.

well that was a quick recap of what's up with me at this point.

if you said tired. you are right.


QueenBee said...

Hey Megs,
I'm glad that you have learned a lot - I'm excited for you that God is showing you your path. As for me I am still trying to find me footing here in jolly ol' England I think. I do have a church - I go to Hillsong - and I have met some people and made some friends - they're all South Africans so far - for whatever reason it seems wherever I go I meet another incredible person from South Africa. Anyways I hope your last 2 semesters go well and maybe I'll be able to give you a call sometime - I have a sweet phone plan here it's just the time difference that makes things super tricky - ie. Morning for me is late evening for you - late evening for me is afternoon for you. But maybe we can work something out.

Court said...

Hello megan long time no talk. It will be different.... now that I've been sucked back into blogger.

Court said...

I'm glad to hear your doing well. I know you love youth and I'm glad that your still pursuing that love. I just remember at school you'd always smile when you got to go on outreach and work with the kids. It was great.... stuff like that is always hard for me to do which makes me appreciate those who have a gift for it.