Tuesday, October 31, 2006


friday night:
- sleep in *mmmm sleep* and all "errands" done by one oclock
- get read 70's style for a halloween party....while going out the door deciding i feel more 80's and changed
- go to halloween party, pumpkin in hand and game face is no where to be found
- i only knew like 4 people at the party and didnt' feel like "mingling" that didn't last long and it turned into a sweet night. mostly because of those four people though!
- carve a pumkin...least creative of the night...it was so rad to see like 20 pumpkins all light up *not everyone carved one*
- laughed at the host who was a peanut butter jar go up the stairs and rip his pants
- talked to mandy who is actually friends with these people *small world!*

- slept in *YES!*
- hung out pretty much all day with amy!!!!
-took pics. went on an adventure. found an oasis. talked. and laughed
- had a KP preformance *a 15 min thing for a rad ministries 40th anniversary celebration*
- got told a "message from the Lord"- he was annointing my lips to speak the gospel.
- got a rad encouragement via a job offer from the guy who works with seven oaks alliance and northviews productions *huge church productions that are awesome*
-got home in time to go for a bit to the annual wine and cheese 06'!! so fun, i heart my friends. good chats, good laughs, and good drummin'

- prepared breakfast and sunday school for 15 prehigh/high kids
- the power went out at church and we all gathered closer and had impromtu worship. *awesome*
-was given playdoe in the service and made two snowmen and a pinguin having a snowball fight...one didnt' make it
- another Kp preformance, it's always a gong show hangin out with the KP crew it's sweet

- class
-amy came to spend the day with me! and tys and maia joined us for lunch and hangout after!! it was so fun!! laughed a LOT. ate reese's pieces chocolate balls. read marytrs mirror out loud.
-sat and chatted and read with amy and some collegium crew
-class: got a lot of homework done. got to leave early

-eight am. class. OT theology.
-classics in religious lit: talked about martyrdom and such, some good discussion.
- came home. ate. hahahaha...
-napped!! for two hours or more...sick i know. i tell myself that i wont and that i'll get soo much done but sleep always wins...i need lots and lots of it...
-now i shall go and read and research for the copious amounts of crap i have to do *meaning group projects and such*

i'm sorry this was sort of just a borin list. this weekend was full of things to post about but alas..time is tickin' away tick tick tick tickin' away


Flip Flops Anonymous said...

Hi Megsy!! I'm so glad that you've had an eventful past few days (and not in the work/homework way ;)) I am also glad that I was a part of your past few days. I seriously LOVE spending time with you...it never gets old...hahaha. Thanks so much for being there for me...I love you more than you'll ever know *insert warm and fuzzy feelings*

QueenBee said...

Wow Megan you weren't kidding when you said that you are REALLY BUSY! I'm glad most of it was fun stuff - Yay for friends and fun stuff!

Polythene Pam said...

I like the lists of recent happenings. Especially when accompained by pictures. Gives me a little pigeon hole view into your weekend.

RobynRenee said...

hey..I was just randomly surfing blogs, and you look really familiar. Have you been to Rough Acres?

Allison said...

holycrap - sound so fun! of course.... your life invovles YOU so it has to be fun! yay. love you.

shinbone #4 said...

what do you mean boring list.. I only wish my life were as boring right now :D