Tuesday, December 26, 2006

t'was the night after christmas...

...and Megan was tired as an old woman after a long day of knitting. Honest my house has been CRAZY. mmm don't get me wrong i LOVE all my siblings and their significant others, and my nieces and my nephews and my aunt and uncle and cousin. but i am tired. i've had a good couple days. noisy per usual, but it was so good to see them all, it seems like forever since we've all been together and they were definatly all here today!!

i dont want to go to work. i really really really don't. i work the next four days to get a day off then go back to work. ack. it's funny whenever i tell someone i'm working lots in a complainy sort of fashion they say "but think of all the money you're making" ...first off i work for minimum wage...and second i'd rather have a week off to just recooperate than make a little money. yeah, i was going to carry on but i'm too tired to type hahaha... needless to say i'm not feeling any bit rested for school and i know i still have two weeks but nothings going to change to allow that to happen...C'est la vie for now!

peace and much love on this boxing day night!


QueenBee said...

Poor Megs - Working is the worst! I pray God will give you the strength to endure this holiday season.

alan.schram said...

Yes, there is much wrong with having Disney songs as part of a life's soundtrack.

I got 66% on the final exam, my worst final exam mark - ever. So, in that sense, I "bombed". But I also didn't study because I only needed 66%, exactly, to keep an "A" in the class. It was one tough exam. I'm sure you did alright overall in the class though, the exam was only worth 15%.

Also, minimum wage jobs SUCK, but it's worse to not be able to pay for rent.

Flip Flops Anonymous said...

The pot is calling the kettle black!! UPDATE YOUR BLOG HONEY CHILD!!