Wednesday, December 20, 2006

.a precious gift.
.turned to plastic.
.Do you take Visa.
.God with us.
.the warmth of tears comes once more.
.breaking the prespiration from my brow.
.allowing raw material to touch the fake hard plastic that's become my heart.
.a baby in a manger.
.my Lord as a child.
.how can i be unaffected.
.a great expectation.
.he has come.
.Come let us adore him.
.for he alone is worthy.
.fall to your knees.


Anonymous said...

hey megan, i really like this. you have a good heart.

i hope you're season is well. talk later.

Flip Flops Anonymous said...


The Bean Bag Chair said...

I feel like I'm surrounded by "Barbies" this season...and I'm disenchanted with all the plastic! Oh to keep it simple...I think God was trying to make a point to the over-marketed season of the 21st century by coming in the quiet of the nite in a manger...simple. basic. no rush. no crammed schedule. just quiet.
let us adore Him this Christmas!