Sunday, January 04, 2009

and before you know it it's 2009!

And just like that 2 months are gone! Gone I say! Well about ten minutes ago I was feeling ever so ready to post a nice big juicy blog....that was ten minutes ago.

2009 so far...

- I've had my first slush while the snow was falling mmmm slushie
- I've had my first 3.5 hour nap
- I've not watched lost (...that won't last)
- I've wondered if this will be the year for that "special" relationship (cheese mmm I can dig it)
- I've been to the states and said goodbye to a dear friend (they're back overseas)
- I've struggled with my "calling"
- I've struggled with where that calling is
- I've laughed
- I've missed dear friends who are no longer close
- I've written my frist blog

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