Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sometimes I love technichalities

...that's probably spelt wrong but I'm too tired to check the lovely Well it's TECHNICALLY sunday today. 12:45 in the morning, just because I haven't been to sleep yet, or awaken yet in this day, doesn't mean it's not sunday.

Anyways Tomorrow...ahem rather today is going to be a bit of a Chaotic one so I may not get a chance to write, and I dont want to botch my commitment on the second go!

I have to be up in 5 hours. I'm not going to lie, this whole being to work at 7:45 on sunday mornings is a difficult one for me. If you are unaware, I sleep...a lot. I love sleep. I'm a night owl however so that means I enjoy sleeping in. I didnt' actually get out of bed until like 12:30 today BAH HA. it's a tad ridiculous seeing as I'm almost a 25 year old woman however it is what it is.

I have a new show that is topping my charts and also a new celebraty crush...I'll tell you all about it in my next post.


Anonymous said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! Pushing Daisies guy! I'm so glad you watch.

Angie (your former coworker)

Dr. Coopernicus Who said...

mmm...sleeping in......*drool, drool*

and i just bought season one...

Megs said...

ANGIE?!?!?! HOw the freak did you find me?!? that's awesome!! Ohh have I told you latley that I miss you....*that had a tune* haha

and Dan, good job!