Sunday, January 25, 2009

Only five more minutes left in sunday the 25th. I've been trying to figure something witty to write. Or commical to share. Or earth shattering deep to spill.

Its not going to happen.

However, I've learned in the past couple of days of another Couple that I know are to be maried this year! I lost count of how many newlyweds/almost weds/newly engaged people I's CRAZY! It'd definitely that stage in life I suppose. And I counted how many weddings I've been to/invited to and it's a RIDICULOUS amount...although I have a large family. I love weddings though I think they're great fun, especially if they have dancing!

I'm really excited for my dear friends who are getting married, such an exciting time!

I think it is so important that people dont look for completion in marriage, that people dont look to their soon to be spouse and expect them to fill every desire, every longing, every part of their soul with love and acceptance. That only comes from the Lord and I think it can be damaging to a relationship to expect all that from them.

Sometimes I look at married couples and think...really? They found someone? Isnt' that horrible!!! How ridiculous is that hey? I almost want to slap myself for thinking it, however I have... and it usually follows with, then why the crap can't I?!

oops i forgot about this.

aight i'm off to bed. hahah my friend is staying on facebook until I go to sleep.


Elleah said...

It's true...your spouse won't satisfy your every deepest need. Only the Lord can do that as I've found out many times.

shinbone #4 said...

"Sometimes I look at married couples and think...really? They found someone?" - my sister said this exact thing to me the other day when a friend of ours got engaged. hahaha
So funny... although I have to admit, I know I've thought it before too. Less so recently but... the temptations there, I know just what you mean.