Friday, January 30, 2009

I may BE old but atleast I don't LOOK old.

While helping my mom pick out glasses a few months back I found frames that I loved and today I went into Iris to check out how much it would be to get a second pair of glasses. Turns out I'm due for an eye exam.

SO I'm chatting with the chick helping me,

"it's $90 for an eye exam right?"

" it's $95 actually, well how old are you?"

" 25."

"Oh, then yeah it's $ dont look that old"

"oh, well I get that, heh, I work with youth too soo..."

"Oh yeah... you look younger"

BAH HA, it really looked like she was confused! So there you have it, I may be getting older *no I'm not old* but I don't look it, I sure hope that sticks for the rest of my life! I shall be timeless.


Larissa/Neptune said...

haha I love you! you are definitely young and crazy, and that's why you can't help bt work with youth. Miss ya Sketches

Dr. Coopernicus Who said...

i think this guy at missions fest thought i was like 23. do i really seem that young?!?

shinbone #4 said...

p.s. if you are looking for glasses or perscription sunglasses, you should check out I was buying my contacts from them but wasn't sure about glasses... but they have this $38 sale for a frames with lenses, so I thought I'd give them a shot - totally worth it. I got Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein frames for under $80. Crazy right? Anyway now I want to tell everyone :D