Wednesday, January 21, 2009

blabber mouth megan

Tonight I'm staying at Corrie and Natasha's may not know them but I think everyone in the world should. They're amazing. ANYWAYS I came to watch LOST...OH MAN DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED......SOOO GOOD! I came early and talked....and talked...and talked. I've had a very full couple days, and haven't seen them since before Christmas.

I tell you this because well, I have a lot to say. I feel at times I'm bursting with thoughts and random things of non importance and other times of great importance!

Some random things:

- If I could go into the LOST world, I'd like to visit with Ben Linus...such an intreguing, manipulative little man. I'd also like to hang out with Charlie...but that's not an option. Then Sawyer & Desmond. Then Hurley...

- I forgot what I was going to write....

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