Wednesday, January 07, 2009

.The Commitment.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm sort of a pushover. Or perhaps I'm just easy going. But if I'm thinking about something, or are undecided, on the edge about something I can be easily swayed.

...I was talking to my friend Dan who made a commitment in 2008 to write on his blog twice a week and has bumped it to three times for 2009. . . and now somehow I've committed to writing twice a week, so you can expect a new post on sundays' and wednesdays' from me. Now I'm sure I will forget every now and again, but I will strive to honor this committment. The only thing is I never said for how long.. hmmm intersting. Although I figure its for a year, that seems like a long time. However I will break my fear of committment and say it's for the year.

so here it is the first wednesday of the committment...and the first post.

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Anonymous said...

hey meg's...i think ashley took the job of silk screening...