Wednesday, January 10, 2007

thoughts of a day

i've had several repetative thoughts over the last couple of days, some shallow, some funny, some exciting, some only produce more thoughts. in no particular order.

- perspective of moving to england with sarah for a while. and then to taiwan with maia to teach english **only after i finish with my degree...year and half*

- the word LIFE in matt. 6:25(or 28?!)

- the hope of one day being married

- to abandon comfort to experience the true value and meaning of Life and God in all things


- I really need to get my CD put back into my car

- how good it feels to pray and journal again

- how often i completely miss the mark in many things.

- how long my hair is.

- man i love my wonder woman dayplanner

- how we're so willing to pay to clean up stanley park yet unwilling to reach out to others in need.

- how i'm ignorant when it comes to political issues and pretty much all government stuff and much of the worlds news

- that i'm almost 23.

- i have way too many odd pictures of maia and I


QueenBee said...

Some very interesting thoughts Megan. I intend to think about your thoughts - heehee.
I have printed off copies of the forms you need to get your British Passport as well as the instructions on how to fill them out - I'll give them to you on Sunday!

Flip Flops Anonymous said...

BAHA!! Yes, we have a LOT of really odd pictures. I remember when you SMASHED THAT CAKE IN MY FACE!! I laughed ;) Good thoughts Megs...I love hearing about my friends "thought processes". Perhaps we will hit up Taiwan...we'll see what God has in store :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, I like it a lot. Sounds rather similar to my head. Except that it's your thoughts instead of mine. that doesn't make much sense... but you know what I mean...

The Bean Bag Chair said...

Happy new year the cake! I want a wonder woman dayplanner...a dayplanner period would be a good choice! Ha...LOVE AND MISS YA TONS!!!