Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oh sunshiney day!

So i could complain about the fact that in the past 3 days i've spent about 45 minutes at home. and today i delegated 8 more of my hours awayBUT i wont' because well it's not a big deal because it's not!

Honest i feel that God has been working so much in the last week or so. it's crazy really...

I'm preparing a talk for my Preaching to Youth Class...*it was moved to next tuesday PRAISE BE!* and it's on "hearing God" and well, it seems that is the hot topic of my life...

I've told you about the question my prof. askes in two classes...and then the illustrations and there is also a book i'm reading for my Prayer Ministry class by an abotsford guy "Can you hear me?" and it's on listening to God.... So all that has been helping me with the talk....and then on the radio yesterday i heard a guy preaching on the will of God and ultimitly hearing from God.

it's been so rad putting this thing together although frustrating and confusing at times i feel that i keep getting more and more ideas and yeah, i'm excited. if for nothing else the mere fact that I am hearing from God again...well i hsould say i'm listening to God again.

Tonihgt while reading at starbucks.., can i just interupt myself and say i love reading in coffee shops!... there is a part of the previously mentioned book called tuning in. we have to do some of them for class but i was just reading through one we didnt and it posed questions you could ask God, just random ones and one was "when was the last time you cried over me?" I thought i heard "I missed you" and my response was "I'm here again" then i heard "i know my child, i know".... I dont know, i'm willing to accept the fact that it was me just saying it all...but i feel that it applies becaues i had stopped listening for God, i had stopped letting him in my everyday living and the last couple of days i've felt awake to the Spirit of God ...and it's been ...refreshing.

now for some Oscar Wilde

Impression: Le Reiveillon

The sky is laced with fitful red.
The circling mists and shadows flee,
The dawn is rising form the sea,
Like a white lady from her bed.

And jagged brazen arrows fall
athward the feathers of the night,
And a long wave of yellow light
Breaks silently on tower and hall,

And spreading wide across the wold
Wakes into flight some fluttering bird,
And all the chesnut tops are stirred,
And all the branches streaked with Gold.


Flip Flops Anonymous said...

Into Vancouver we took a little trip, rode the Seabus but didn't take a dip. The weather was amazing so sunny and clear, I smiled and thought "soon summer will be here". We laughed, took photos and ate beaver tails, but, unfortunately for our South African friends, spotted no killer whales. I'm glad you enjoy the coffee shop so, my poem really sucks so perhaps I should go. I haven't spoken with you today, and without you in it, my days a little grey. I'm glad you're in my life I'm not going to lie, so maybe I'll makea you a biga pizza pie!! By: Maia

Smelly Melly said...
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Smelly Melly said...

I hope all of your prep for you talk goes well!! I love you muffin

See ya soon