Monday, June 15, 2009

Terminator Salvation

I saw the 10:30pm showing of T4 tonight, and well... loved it *sing songy voice*! I was super skeptical actually because my bro in law didn't seem too amped about it. Phhhh it was so rad, and Christian Bale did fabulous...could he not?! It was funny to me though because I went with two other pastors from night owls I tell ya! We had just sat through a 3.5 hour congregational meeting...funny thing, you don't have to pass notes anymore on paper, just blackberry messanger. Man sometimes I love technology. Yay for random.

I saw all my siblings today. And all my nieces and nephews *some for a very brief moment*
Anyways my mom, Riley (13) Isaac (11) and Ella (7) walked down the street for ice-cream and sat infront of the community hall in the sun. We were playing 20 questions and it was Ellas turn...priceless. She confused us a few times by saying it had one leg, then it didnt' have a leg, and then it was an animal and it lived in the sea, but it wasnt' a whale because it only had one was just really cute because we were all confused and Riley stated a few times "I'm lost" and then Ella exclaimed "IT'S A MERMAID!" Briliant really.

I love my family I really do.



QueenBee said...

Yay! Glad you enjoyed the movie - I wondered if it would be good - It seemed like one of those movies that seemed like it had the potential to wonderful but could be ruined...

Elleah said...

Mermaid...very clever!