Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well folks, I failed my commitment, again. Not only did I miss wednesdays but I missed yesterdays as well...but I honestly thought I posted IT!!!! SO it was done... anyways here it is.

Today of course is Fathers day...but for my bro-in-law it was not only his first fathers day, his sons dedication but also his birthday *which I freakin' forgot!* Crazy hey. I hope he still felt special, I would be a tad selfish and think...hey it's MY BIRTHDAY....

Anyways. Yep, today I had the honour of dedicating little man Gabriel, he was so cute, and he didn't cry and my parents were there. Yeah it was special.

Yesterday I went to Coldplay HOKIE FREAKIN' DINAH! It was a ridiculous show...if you've been you know what I mean, if you haven't freakin' GO. Chris Martin is a freakin' machine, randomly yells "yeeeaaaappp" and is incredibly talented. Well done CP well done. Snowpatrol...they were so ridiculously happy! seriously, ok well maybe they were a little "gone" but they were so smiley and totally enjoying themselves.

Could you imagine if the "that was easy" button really worked. wow. what would you use it on..if you could only use it once?!

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