Sunday, June 07, 2009

Excuses Excuses!

I know that it's been two weeks since my last post, I do apologize but I've been in Hawaii. I left early Wednesday the 27 and got home this past Friday.

I left thinking that this trip would be a "vacation" however God had other, better, plans for me and MY trip. You see he's been teaching me how possessive I am of things...I think I've written on here about that. Well this trip was the next lesson! The night I arrived, I discovered that I would have to be involved daily in all ministry activities *oh yeah I was staying with my dear friend Janelle at hte ministry she works for called Surfing the nations. check them out!!* And God had to quickly change my attitude and turn in into a servant one. I'm so thankful he did. Such a rad time of rejuvenation and service. We had daily quiet times and there was a couple amazing times of worship and prayer for various things and people. I really felt God use and teach me in Hawaii and I feel so blessed to be a part of the Ohana of Surfing the Nations. I had an awesome time, and of course I got to enjoy being a tourist as well.

Here are some things that 100% made me smile:

- Seeing Janelle *it's been 9 months* and seeing how the Lord is moulding her and using her!
- Sleeping on the beach with the stars as my night light
- Hanging out with Baby Nemos and Sea Turtles!
- Coconut and Chocolate covered Macdamia nuts
- Meeting a great random group of people
- Surfing in Waikiki
- Longboarding in Waikiki
- Making WAY too many Lost references
- Swedish boys with stutters
- Sunsets and Swimming
- Bus adventures
- Praying with friends
- Giving out food to 400 people
- Chatting with "Woody" a dude who lives in his mini-bus turned bedroom
- Countless gorgeous views
- Being in the presence of the Lord

... I dont have all my pics, because they got erased of my disk, so I have to wait for Jan to send them. But here are a few...

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Elleah said...

That last picture is GORGEOUS! God is amazing!