Monday, June 22, 2009

Commitment. Wow, this commitment thing with this blog is tricky. Here's a couple of thoughts. I have missed a bunch. Some may say I've failed my commitment...but really who was this commitment for!? ME! It was to help me stay on course, serve as a reminder that I should blog more. Share more. Write more. However it has become a "religious" thing, something I dont enjoy but think "DANG I didnt' write a blog today" Like so many things, the joy of blogging or the desire to blog has been replaced by pure "gotta plug in something." Sometimes commitment is a good thing, and it causes you to do something even if you dont want to. Like marriage, when married I suspect you will not always want to be married, I know you will not always "love" your spouse or desire to be with them, however you have made a commitment, nah a covenant relationship. OR lets say a commitment in a job, we all know there are days when you do not want it, you dont love it, your not passionate, however you've made a commtiment to be there and that is what keeps you there, and sees you through to the joy in that position. However I am talking about a blog, A BLOG. SO what am I getting at. . . I dont know, maybe I will remain and write twice a week. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll write on Thursdays, or Fridays...both or not at all!.

Yay for rants, that was fun.

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Allison said...

hey, can i make a suggestion? while i know its miserable to have too many committments and ones that would be fun but the joy is lost in the 'have to'... blogging is great! and you have great thoughts to share!
can i make a suggestion? maybe when you're not feeling the urge to blog, maybe just cut and paste a bible verse you've been reading or that has been speaking to you? or a song? that'd be encouraging and probably not too draining.
just a thought.
(lol my word veri is 'ishawer")