Wednesday, April 29, 2009

About time

I got this album!

After hearing a few songs this past weekend, I began searching for Metrics new Albume "Fantasies". You know when you want something, and the more you can't have it the more you want it?! Yep that was what this was. Sunday I looked for it at the future shop and the HMV in Abbotsford. After the second attempt failed I couldnt' leave empty handed so I bought Ok Go's Oh no album. *good purchase but not what I wanted!* Then monday on the way to Walnut Grove to watch 17 Again *loved it!* I stopped in at the Best Buy in such luck, but I had no time to go to the mall or anywhere else. So once again I was disapointed.
TODAY I was still determined to get the album so I phoned was in! So I went and I am currently listening to it... so far so worth it.

Today I listened to three of my friends express how they are frustrated, confused or incredible hurt by a guy(s). Then I heard another say that they are not focusing on a "relationship" until after the summer.

My heart actually aches for one of them. I'm sorry they are feeling broken.

Full day.

Lost = awesomeness

Sun = blessing!

Job = exciting

Single = thankfulness

Music = glory

The End.

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QueenBee said...

Yay - you got your album!
Yay - you brought me books!
Yay - you got the job!
Yay - Becca got engaged!
I know that yay has nothing to do with you but still - Yay!