Sunday, February 08, 2009

The list.

Last month I posted the beginnings of a sort of to do list. This list is not where I put things that are sort of a "dreams" or "possibilities" but things that I truly desire to see come into fruition and if I can I will work towards them. For ex. I did not put "adopt" on their...because all though it is something that I think I may want to do later in life, I have no idea if I marry if that would be the desire of their heart however I put "to be in a musical' because someday I will be!

I will begin to describe why things are on the list. The frist one I had on my list was


...I know right? Sort of cliche? Phh my theory of cliches is that they are overused for a freakin' reason!! I have skydive on my list, not to seem bold or daring. Partially to seem adventurous sure. But really could you imagine free falling from a freakin' airplane! The turbulence of it all, the breath taking *literally* sensation!? Oh man, I could barely imagine. Yes I'd probably be crapping my pants, and someone might literally have to throw me out of the plane but freakin' eh I'll get out there! I'll be strapped onto someone else, i'll have multiple shoots that I wont even be in charge of opening...but I will jump from a plane! Ahhh I'm scared just thinking about it!

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