Sunday, February 15, 2009

2 in 1

Last night, I had the grossest sleep I've had in a long time. I think I may have had a fever because I woke up sweating, which only ever happens if I'm sleeping in the Gambia or I have a fever. I woke up several times to go to the bathroom. I woke up several other times just to fuss about and turn over.
Now sundays are my get up and face the world, early day. 6:45 that ridiculous phone plays some ridiculous song to wake me up. So often I take a nap when I get home from church.
Today was one of them.
I went to church, and felt very encouraged by the service and the people and it was all around wonderful just like God. And it was sunny and a day full of hope and beauty. I thought about going for a walk or longboarding...however I was sooo stupid tired. So...end of day one.
I layed down at aprox. 2 and set my alarm for 4. I woke up at 2:30 and had to pee. I woke up at 3 because I got a phone call. I woke up at 4 because my alarm went off. I woke up at 5:05 because I'd fallen back asleep.

Beginning of day two.
I woke up, read some more Potter *re-reading #6* and then headed out for Citywide. This is a city ...wide... worship night for the youth of abbotsford. It's held at CBC, where I graduated from so it was awesome I saw a bunch of guys I graduated with, and then a bunch of my youth showed up. To be honest I was nervous because I'd never been "out" with my youth... haha funny right? but it all went well and I got some sweet opportunities to connect with some I dont know well, and pray with others, it was good. I came home finished watching accepted with Carly, Than and Benny...laughed. And now I'm here.

End of day Two...almost.

Pointless Blog? Sure, but today was a great day. 2 in 1 Sunday was both on great accounts.

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