Friday, October 01, 2010

Because it's fun.

Yep. It's time, the good ol' wait 6 months or so and then remember a little thing called the blog. I don't even care if no one reads this, its' so fun for me to go back through the years and see what I randomly wrote. And sometimes it's easiest to do list.

So current things:

Facebook status:

Megan Hazelton

is not getting anything done in zee office...I blame, Ashton, Kelly Clarkson and A.D.D

twitter ...for those too lazy or 'distracted' to blog...

Last Album bought: Ray LaMontagne "God willin' & the creek don't rise"

In my DVD player: How I Met Your Mother season 5

Bible Reading: Romans & Psalms

Concerts: Michael W. Smith Christmas tour (I'm taking my mom!) & Justin Bieber (HA! I'm taking a youth who's mom didn't want to go!)

Current read: Book 3 of the Mark of the Lion series.

Current Fav shoes: Red Toms...

Celebrity Crush: Zachary Levi, Adam young

Say to much: "cool beans" "air high five"

Time: 12:49 am.

Doing: writing this, sitting on the wingback chair, talking on FB chat, wasting time...

want to learn: guitar, drums, japanese, sign language...

...ok. definitely time for bed.

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