Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All aboard.

Oh man, this is one of the most fun band wagons I've been on.

I'm talking about Vancouver 2010 winter Olympics!

Is it as big everywhere else in the world?!?!

I feel like this is all we're living and breathing here in BC, and I'm not going to lie I like it! It's so much fun! I have yet to be right downtown, but that shall change this weekend.

I was watching when my good buddy Alexandre Bilodeau took the God medal for men's freestyle skiing, moguls (which I can never say and end up saying muggles heh heh) breaking the "curse" of Canada unable to win Gold on home soil. Epic moment, seriously.

I've almost cried so many times.

I've downloaded "I believe" because I was tired of hearing snip its all the time. And I actually like it.

I've based a talk and had an Olympic Madness night for the youth.

I've gotten the red mitts.

I've laughed at commentators witty comments like "Ho Hum another Olympic title for Shaun White"

I've discussed the games with strangers, topics such as the torch (the lack of visuals, the mechanical failure etc), the uncanny warm winter, the ease of traffic, the free shows, the different country houses, the crazy mascots and sidekicks (yes we have a sidekick!)....


This weekend I'm going to see Wintersleep and Sam Roberts for free. I'm gonna brave the crowds, sing loudly, cheer unfailingly and take major amounts of pictures.


Yes, I'm excited. I'm fully of Joy and energy....

Lord I pray that this sort of excitement would be found in you. May I seek you as much as these athletes push for those medals. You are what I believe in and you are my source of life.

Ok now go cheer on your country people!

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