Saturday, January 30, 2010

Girls just want to have fun...

What to write about tonight....


Last night was the girls all-nighter at youth. We had 33 girls and 6, well 7 leaders including me. It was a lot of fun, and had some good connecting points with various youth.

My heart for these young girls is that they would truly see how beautiful God created them, that they have worth in Him. There are a few as well that just hound on each other, almost weekly I have to talk to them. I need wisdom in this situation, because it can't go on like this. They hurtful things that they say will stay with them for their lives. If you ask almost anyone I'm sure they can remember something hurtful that someone said to them when the were in gr.6-8. It's so sad.

It's fun to these events, because I get to do things that I love to do and can't always. Like have crazy dance party's! It was a really fun night, I got a friend to come in and teach hip hop for an hour, we played crazy all around the church games, had a mini campfire that included, worship, a story, mini devo and camp songs! We watched a movie at 1:30am, we had random dance parties (whenever I played girls just want to have fun) and we hopefully formed memories that will last forever.

There are moments when i just miss being a youth leader and the freedom in that to devote your attention to the youth, and forgo all the responsibility of dealing with parents, details and such.

But I'm diggin' my role, and am thankful that I am where I am.

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