Sunday, January 24, 2010


Shhhh. I should be sleeping, but I snuck on the internet to rediscover my blog. Don't tell my tomorrow morning self because she'll be mad when she's ridiculously tired at 6:45!

So it's been six months since I've written, wow, freakin' eh. Time flies. *Sigh*

It's odd really, how fast it goes. Just disappears. *poof*

Here is are some things that are "Current" in my life:

Currently listening: to Dashboards newest album "After the ending", just picked it up today, already a fan. (Current as in the last month: Glee soundtracks, one republic, muse, switchfoot, owl city, paper tongue.)

Currently reading: HP & the philosopher's stone. Just finished "The Outsiders" and am about to embark on an adventure through other High School Curriculum classics.

Currently watching: Nothing quite yet. Just finished watching Season 3 of Heroes: I just wanted to give Sylar a hug the whole time, through my hands up and yell "YATTA!"

Currently planning for work: Girls All-nighter at youth, we're having a campout...tents, fake fire and trees and the whole shabang in the gym. Talk on the OT = Epic Stories.

Current hair: Short inverted bob, dark with blonde chunk.

Current age: 26... taking some time to get used to that one.

Current travel plans: March - NYC. May - Missions to ...wait for it...Hawaii.

Current favorite Restaurant: Earls! I had a personal vendetta against Earls since like gr.10 however this was broken upon trying them again in Dec. and discovering there chicken, bree, apple, fig jelly sandwhich!

Current Facebook Status:

Megan Hazelton

should probably not watch anymore HSM. She had TWO dreams about Zac Effron last night...

Current Tweet: Listening to Dashboards latest and ignoring my tired eyes.

Current Fear: Failure...

Current Lesson: That no matter how solid a youth is - solid family, loves God, serves etc - they're still in need of guidance, prayer and love.

Current battle: Feeling like I'm called to be grounded for a time such as this, yet desiring to be off having a distant adventure.

Current status: Single. I'm not the type to put my life on hold because I'm not married, nor do I feel that my life or ministry is incomplete because there is not a solid man by my side YET I pray that there would be one there soon.

Current shoe of choice: Zebra print Sanuk's

Current Sweater of Choice: purple/white stripped AA sweater

Current Magazine: Relevant

Currently have tickets for: Muse (April.1), Owl City (April 2)

Amount of sleep I'd get if I went to sleep in 45 min = 4.75 hours.


Elleah said...

Thanks for the update! :)

julie said...

I love this!!! Maybe I should also update..... ??? You make me smile and want to hang out in your current life with you. Perhaps I will visit the great North sometime this spring. We will see.....