Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Due to last weekend i have a new picture as my background on desktop...

Last weekend I drove down to Portland (5.5 hours). I got to see some of my most precious friends of all time. Friday night, allison, pam and thier friend Josh *A. yes it is Calebs brother but i don't think he likes being referred to as that. but the fact is he is.* went to meet Danny, Evan and Meredith for dinner at Rock Bottom!!! OH MAN, you seriously have no idea how excited I was to see all these awesome folks again! OK OK you do. Anyways I will try not to rub in it much more. I love these kids so much. And I miss them even more than i did before seeing them again. Too short of a visit i tell ya. there was so many things though that made me smile. like spiced tea, or or popcorn with seasoning salt(!?!) but most of all it was my friends. *I can't figure out the layout for the pictures so they are in no particular order*

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Schrecky said...

Mr. Evan rocks!