Thursday, April 20, 2006


I'm Done Exams! HAZAH! This means i'm done schoool for this semester....for the whole summer!! Four months without school...oh praise the Lord oh my soul PRAISE THE LORD!
Yes well that's all I have for now. sorry to my dearest american friends whom are still strugglin' through, you can make it!!

Work time!


~tiff~ said...

i am very upset right now that you did not take me with you to portland. dont talk to me again.

Danny said...

That's right I can make it because... (que musical intro) ...If you want to be somebody if you want to go somewhere you had better wakeup and pay attention!" have you listened to it yet?

Justin Nanfelt said...

HEY! So um yea.. I was in the library and got to thinking about how I NEVER blogged anymore... so I put one up. I'm thinking I will put one up with a bunch of pictures soon. Then you can all see the crazy things we've been up to... But I dunno if I can post it all cuz some of it we could get in trouble for still.... those will have to wait til later after Public Safety's feathers arent ruffled anymore

here's my e-mail ~